Pre Listing Inspections

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Inventories in most parts of the country have been pushing historically high levels. Gone are the days of multiple offers, and buyers camping out and entering lotteries to make a home purchase. With the shifting market, buyers are increasingly more sensitive to property condition and are more than ever asking for full disclosure up front about condition and other factors that affect the value.

A pre-inspected listing makes available to the buyers a full inspection report by a qualified home inspector. The report educates the buyers on the condition of the property under consideration, and lets them know what major potential expenses might be incurred once they close on the house. Then the buyer can decide early on if they want to pursue a property, given the condition. There may be some excepted items they can live with, but others they cannot.

What will an Above Grade Pre Listing Inspection provide?

  • Separate your listing from the others. You will have a competitive edge.
  • A Faster sale with more confident and satisfied buyers.
  • Identify defects and make repairs ahead of time. Save you time and money.
  • Avoid costly “deal killers” during the buyers home inspection.
  • Reduce the likelihood of having to negotiate repair costs during the transaction.
  • Many prospective buyers choose to save money and fore go their own property inspection.
  • Choose your own inspector based on experience and qualifications.
  • You will have a full time Above Grade home inspector available until your deal closes.

The same report can and should be used by the sellers to assist them in preparing property disclosure documents. It allows the seller to anticipate any objections directed toward property structure and system functions such as heating and air conditioning – objections that may have potential financial implications.

A pre-listing inspection can be available at the property for review by the buyers after viewing the property. The listing agent should also have the inspection report available for prospective buyers and their agents through an HTML link on the Above Grade website.

While a pre-listing inspection will not head off every potential “deal-breaker” issue, most agree the benefits outweigh holding off on the inspection until after contract acceptance.  To schedule your pre-listing inspection just contact an Above Grade representative today!

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